What's brewing...

I'm like a pot going at a full boil.   I'm overflowing with ideas and the todo list isn't short either.

For IOS, I've just updated our first app, scOra et Labora, and made another beta release of Score La Boca.  The beta test is going well, thanks to all our beta-testers.  I'm still looking for someone who has not upgrade to IOS 7 that wants to beta-test it.  I've started work on another gaming-utility app for IOS, but I'm holding back details for now.  Also, still on the back burn is my word-game app for IOS, if only I can find the time to get back to it.

In the analog realm, I've got 3 games in prototype form.  One (Pork Barrel) is ready for publication, and I'll be pitching it at BGG Con (though I do occasionally consider some modifications). Another, a lightweight push-your-luck filler game needs more play testing and some tuning.  Last is my trick-taking game, Golem.  All games need a lot of play-testing, but trick taking games seem to need more.  One of my biggest challenges with all of these is asking people to play-test.  So often I know my friends want to play the latest hotness, I'm somewhat reluctant to ask.

I've got 3-4 board games that aren't really playable - they're mostly just ideas in my head, or maybe some notes, or partial bits diagrammed out in digital form.

Add to that all that's required of starting up and running a business (website, bank accounts, social media presence, blogging, etc.) and I'm pretty busy. 

I've also begun to entertain the idea of writing the electronic form of popular card game.  One motivation of doing it is that I love the game, but another is that it would require writing really-good AI's, and that challenge would be be fun.