Score La Boca 1.1 - bug, workaround and update.

A sad day

I'm not a perfectionist, but I do take pride in my work. Even more than pride, I believe in openness. These two attitudes force me to this sorrowful announcement.  Score La Boca 1.1 has a bug. Given  the quality (and complexity) of some of the software we use every day, maybe people have come to expect software to have defects. All software, even what looks very simple is complex.  And I know that there will be bugs in my software.  But I don't have to be happy about it.

I am, however, very happy to give credit where it's due.  Special thanks to Travis Eberle for reporting this bug.  In particular, he was bright enough to mention that he did not have Auto Pair.   If he hadn't mentioned that, I think I might have spent weeks tracking this problem down, instead of a few hours.

The Bug

Under very specific circumstances, audio for Score La Boca will not play during a game, even though it should. Score La Boca is written in Objective C, and thanks to one particular aspect of this language, that's all that you'll notice.  In many languages, the app would likely die.  

So what are those circumstances?  As any user of 1.1 will have noticed, the very first time you choose Play with SLB, you get asked if you would like to purchase the Auto Pair feature. If you  choose "Later", then you'll get prompted the next time you play, and you'll again get no audio.  

The Workaround

The good news is, this means the workaround is easy: choose "Buy Now" (yeah!) or "No Thanks" (hey! hard working programmer here).  While this particular play of the game will still have no audio sound effects, the future ones should work fine.

And, for the record, if you choose "No Thanks", you can still change your mind later.  If you do this, go into the Settings screen and active "Automatically pair players".  The next time  you play, you'll get prompt to make the purchase again (and have no audio again, of course, if you're still running  1.1.

The Update

I am, as we speak, working on a an update that will almost certainly be released as version 1.1.1.  Given schedules, holidays and the Apple review process, it seems unlikely it will make into the iTunes App store until sometime in December.

I'm sure there will be an announcement right here.