Presenting "Name That Game"

I go to a fair number of board gaming conventions, and every con has a pile of bits where the objects is to guess what game a given piece came from. It's not intended as a meta-game, it's the side affect of hundreds of boardgamers playing games for days.  Sadly, some bits never make it back into the box and these orphaned bits are trying to find their way home.  I've decided to take this idea, and make it an ongoing puzzle game.

I'm very excited to announce Name That Game.

I will post an image, text snippet, sound, etc. that is from a tabletop game. You folks as players have to guess what game it is from.   Fair warning:  Images will likely be a token, or a small fragment of a board or card.

Each puzzle will be posted to FacebookTwitterGoogle+, and the NTG mailing list (sign up here), so you can get the puzzle in the most convenient way for you.   Share the puzzle with your friends. The difficulty of puzzles will likely vary a great deal.  Especially as it's a form of trivia, some that are easy for you will be hard for others.   Hard to believe that not everyone likes that 6-hour monster you play every weekend.  There are hundreds and hundreds of new board games that come out each year, and even the most avid gamer doesn't know them all.

Please give each puzzle 24 hours before making public replies.  After that if you want to it's OK to post comments or reply on social media.   I'll post the correct answer with the next puzzle.  There is no prize, but feel free to keep score at home. This is all about bragging rights.  I may occasionally include a poll to see how well folks are doing and gauge participation.

Everything is subject to change.  This is an experiment, and I have no idea how much time it will take me to put together puzzles, posts and answers.  Initially, I hope to post a puzzle at least once each week.  You can provide feedback using our Contact page, posting to social media, or as a comment to this announcement. Please provide feedback.