Fast First


Fast First  is the quickest way to choose a start player for your tabletop board or card game.  You don't have to spend time waiting on a spinner.  There's no time wasted putting in the number of players. You don't have to have everyone put their finger on your phone.  Start the app, and moments later, you know who's first for any game taking 2 to 7 players.    If you need more than just a first player, but complete player order, that's also available with one tap on the appropriate table image. 

Fast First - less time spinning, more time playing.

Requires: IOS 7.0 or higher

Requires: Android 4.0.3 or higher


Main screen

The main screen shows first player for 6 different sized tables.  Tap any table to drill in and see more details, if you need them.

Drill down to a specific table size.

Drill down to a specific table size.

The drill in screen provides complete play order (in case your game needs it) and a verbal description of the first player.

Fast First is a very simple app to use, but it still comes with a four screen tutorial explaining each screen and the controls..

By default, every time the app is returned to (such as after a screen lock, of if you go back to the home page and re-activate the app), Fast First will re-randomize all the tables.  This behavior can be changed in Settings.

You have your choice of several different animations (in Settings) when Fast First re-randomizes tables, (including None if you want the fastest mode).

Your feedback is welcome using our Contact page, or on our Fast First forum.