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Since Fast First was released last April, so many people I've shown it to have said "Does it work on Android?"  Well, the good news is, it might soon with your help. In January 2015 I'll be running a Kickstarter project to fund the development of an Android version.  

About Fast First...

When Fast First launches, it randomly picks a first player for 6 different sized tables (2 player to 7 players), and then it shows them all to you at the same time.  Click on Play Animation under the main screen image to see how it works (but please realize, sometimes an animated image is slower than real life).  

If you have five players at the table, then you only look at the schematic for the 5 player table.  The black figure at the bottom of the table is you, the device owner.  The blue circle shows who first player is.  For 5 players, it's the player immediately to the right of the device owner.

It's really that simple.  If you're playing a game that needs a complete player order (like Power Grid), simply tap the appropriate table, and you go to another screen that shows complete turn order for every position.  It also provides a text description of the first player.

If you want to help fund it, please give me your email address.  If you do, you'll be notified when the Kickstarter project goes live.  Your email will not be shared.

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Turn Order Screen

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