La Boca is a fast-paced puzzle solve gaming with ever-changing partnerships.  Score La Boca is a combined timer/scorer app that let's you concentrate on solving the puzzles, and not worry about the little things. Score La Boca works on Apple's iPhone, iTouch and iPad.  

Select the players, start the timer, and once both players agree their done, the puzzle is reviewed for correctness and the appropriate score is given.

Requires: IOS 6.0 or higher

Main in-game view

The main game screen shows all the players in the game.  Each player's score shows, and it shows each player they've played with.  Here, Green has played once with Red, and once with Gray. Two players (Purple and Red) are selected to begin a new turn puzzle.  Tapping the green "play" arrow starts the timer for a new puzzle.

Puzzle in progress

Puzzle in progress

The timer has begun.  You can see that Red and Purple are working together to solve this puzzle.  So far, seventeen seconds have elapsed.  If they finished it right now, it would be worth 9 points each.

Whenever a player is done, they put a finger on the device.  Once there are two fingers simultaneously touching the device, the timer stops.  But watch out! Both sides can be right, but if you haven't used all the blocks, the puzzle isn't solved yet.

Puzzle Review

Once the timer stops, other players have to review it.  Does it match the card on both sides?  Were all the blocks used?  Are there any overhangs?  If everything is good, tap the green checkmark and Red and Purple will each get eight points.  If there's a mistake, tap the red X to give them zero. 

Also provided are optional sound effects and full editing of the current game (in case you mis-enter something, or a phone call interrupts the game timer.)

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